FOSS Field Trip

Part 1- SourceForge

  • I searched for “Music”
  • How many projects are there in this category? about 20 pages
  • How many different programming languages are used to write software in this category?                        15 different languages
  • List the top four programming languages used to write programs in this category.
    C++, Java
  • Identify the meaning of each of the statuses below:
    Inactive : No contributions lately
    Mature :
    Production/Stable : In production mode
    Beta : Beta Release
    Alpha : Alpha Release
    Pre-Alpha : Pre Alpha release
    Planning : In planning phase
  • Compare two projects in this category that have two different statuses. Describe the differences between the statuses.
    Madbit’s FM Tracker is an Inactive project. It was last updated 2013-05. I can download the exe
    Canticum is project in planning. I cannot download it but I can browse the code on Git Repository.
  • Which projects are the most used? How do you know?
    Popular Project have a higher rating and more downloads
  • Pick a project in your category. What does it do?   Music Download Center is a software used to help you find and download music
  • What programming language is the project written in?
    Java ScriptWho is likely to use the project? How do you know this?
    Any one instreset in music

    When was the most recent change made to the project?
    Latest commit is on 2012-01-25

    How active is the project? How can you tell?
    Not active since the last commit is in 2012

  • How many committers does the project have?
    two comittersWould you use the project? Why or why not?
    It has high rating and over 2K of downloads.

    Part 2: Open-hub- Explore Mifos
    What is the main programming language used in Mifos?
    How many lines of code does Mifos have?

    Click on “User & Contributor Locations” (lower right side of screen). List some of the locations of the developers.

    Go back to the main Mifos page. Click on the “Languages” link. How many languages is Mifos written in?
    Java, XML, PHP, Other

  • What language has the second highest number of lines of code?
    Other, PHP
  • Of the programming languages used in Mifos, which language the has the highest comment ratio?
  • Click on the “Contributors” link under “SCM Data” menu.What is the average number of contributors in the last 12 months?
    4 contributions
  • Scroll down to the Top Contributors section. How long have the top three contributors been involved in the project?
    More than four years ago
  • Use the information on the project summary page to compute the 12-month average of commits.
    What is the average number of commits over the past 12 months?.